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This group is dedicated to the elimination of the apathetic behavior shown by a majority of American citizens.

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Apathy: impassivity, perfunctoriness, lethargy, indifference, unconcern, aloofness, incuriosity, insensibility, lassitude, unresponsiveness, stolidness, listlessness, stoicism, disregard. In general, it's a lack of interest or concern, especially regarding matters of general importance or appeal. Why do a majority of Americans suffer this state of mind? Why can't they get off their dead asses and make some kind of contribution, as small as it may be, that will go a long way toward helping this country solve many of the problems we face today? Why can't they share a little of their time in service to others? I don't know the answers to these questions. I do know that it has some connection with laziness, self-centeredness and at times an aloofness to the realities of life. This apathetic nature of Americans must change and it must change soon or our great nation will be nothing but a shadow of what it was and what it stands for. Sadly, I have little faith that America, as we know it today, will survive its current path to self-destruction. Unless, of course, we put aside our apathy.

This country is on a fast track to spending itself into poverty and bankruptcy. Our government is contributing to the loss of hope, faith and a sense of fairness. In the past few decades we have seen our leaders attempt to lead this country down the path of theocracy or socialism, paying little attention to the needs of the American people. Our political leaders have allowed the rest of the world to take advantage of us in the area of free trade, crushing our industrialized base and eliminating millions of good paying jobs. We are playing by the rules, which are inherently unfair, while the rest of the world thumbs their noses at us, in effect causing our economy to collapse while their economies progress. What do our politicians do about it? Absolutely nothing. They are too busy getting on their knees or bending over. They are so occupied with their own self-interests that they have lost sight of why they were elected in the first place. They no longer represent the American people. They represent themselves. How do they get away with it? We let them, that is how they get away with it. They realize the American people are so concerned with their own self-interests that we will not pay attention to the big picture. Are you hoping and praying that things will get better, that some day all of these problems will go away and America will once again be the land of opportunity and fairness? Well, I suggest you get a few dozen cases of beer and subscribe to some nice movie channels as you wait because it's not going to happen. Get your heads out of the sand. Get off your dead asses and do something about it. You may tell yourself that you are inconsequential, and that nothing you do will have a subsequent effect on the outcome. You are wrong.

It's time to get these deadbeats out of our lives. It's time to remove them from their political offices and replace them with people who will truly represent the American people. You may feel powerless but you are not. You have the power to change the face of America. As Mohandas Gandhi once said; "A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history." Now is the time to act, before it is too late. You can refuse to vote for anyone who has shown a disdain for us American citizens. Research the candidates in any given election and choose to support those who will once again represent us in the proper manner. Volunteer your time. Support them financially no matter how small your contribution may be. Tell your friends. Organize a group of followers and then reach out to others. The volunteer base can be expanded exponentially if done correctly. Will it work? The answer is simple. Who is your current President and how did he get where he is today? He became president of this country through the hard work of hundreds of thousands of volunteers. They each gave a little of their time and a little of their money. The wealthiest and most powerful political machines in this country could not stop these volunteers. Do something.

Change this country before it is too late. If our forefathers were alive today they would have tears flowing from their eyes. They would demand a change and they would be promoting revolution. Our current situation is no different than that of a cornered dog. When confronted by danger and placed in a corner with no avenue of escape the only solution is to fight back. We must start fighting back peacefully and intelligently before it reaches the stage where we must fight back violently. Don't sit by and cry about our current situation or feel sorry for yourself. You have allowed this to happen. You have enabled the worthless politicians who are currently in power. Put aside your apathy and get involved.

You need to pay some attention to our Senior Citizens, family members or otherwise, because they are the people who made this country what it is today, or what it was. Do you visit them? Do you help them in any way? Have you sat with them and asked them about their lives and shown some genuine interest in them? Have you taken them out to dinner or brought dinner to them at their homes? Or do they sit in their chairs feeling worthless and unappreciated? They sacrificed half their lives raising you or your parents. Nothing you do will ever repay them. Put aside your apathy and do something for them.

Have you thought about all the physically and mentally handicapped people in your community? Do thoughts of them ever cross your mind? They have just as much value as you or me yet for the most part they sit abandoned in a facility wondering why they are cursed with living a life of no meaning. You don't have to know them. Visit them. Spend a few hours a month talking to them or doing something for them. Many of them won't know you are there. Many of them will not benefit in any way. That doesn't matter. They are your fellow citizens and more than likely have made valuable contributions themselves at one time or another. Take some of the burden off their current providers or caretakers. Put aside your apathy and give them a reason to live. They, and you, will sleep much better at night.

Vonunteer your time and talents for the betterment of your community or neighborhood. Organize a group of people and clean up your surrounding area. Build something your community needs. Join a fraternal organization such as the Jaycees. Are your safety forces volunteers? Join them. Become a firefighter, EMT or paramedic and help save the lives and homes of people in your community. Walk the streets during Trick or Treat so you can increase the safety of your children and the children of others. Get involved in youth activities and teach the children responsibility, compassion for others and the need to value and protect the liberties most people take for granted. You've already done these things for you own children? Good. Now, do it for all the children who have parents who don't care about them. Don't let their lives be flushed down the toilet for want of someone who cares about them. Please help them. Put aside your apathy and make your community a better place to live.

There are tens of millions of poor people in this country. People who have worked or searched for work most of their lives, people who are not on welfare, food stamps, housing assistance and a myriad of other social programs. They are not collecting these benefits because they have self-respect yet they refuse to give up. They sometimes suffer horrendously through no fault of their own, going hungry on a daily basis and living under bridge decks and under cardboard on our streets and in our alleys. Look into their eyes and pay attention to what you see. Put aside your apathy and help them. Take them food or help to provide them shelter in some way. Do something for God's sake.

Don't forget our animal friends. Visit a Humane Society once or twice a month and volunteer your time helping the caretakers with these forgotten, abandoned and abused animals. They also deserve a life free of disease, hunger and discomfort. You may think these animals don't deserve your attention, that they're not worth your time and effort. I disagree. Pay some attention to them. Watch their eyes light up with happiness as you talk to them. Watch them as they lay down to sleep and you will see the peaceful expressions on their faces, knowing someone cares about them, knowing their days of suffering are over. Put aside your apathy and let these animals know that someone cares about them.

I have done all of the above for over forty years. I have volunteered thousands of hours of my time in these efforts. I have actively participated in many civic and political organizations. I continue to do so but it is never enough. I am not alone. There are hundreds of thousands of people who do the same and more. I know of at least one Newsvine contributor who also has been and is currently involved in making his community a better place to live. He has my respect and sincere appreciation. I'm not going to provide his name. You must do these things as anonymously as possible (with the exception of the political), seeking no credit or recognition for your efforts. To do otherwise is an indication you are doing these things for yourself and not others. Put aside your apathy and get involved.

Fellow citizens, it's time to put away the current attitude of "what can I do for myself today." If you don't want to get involved that's your prerogative. However, don't complain as this country slowly goes to Hell in a handbasket. Don't complain when you lose your jobs and your homes. Don't complain when you find yourself and/or your family destitute with nobody giving a damn about what happens to you. Don't complain when this great nation, the greatest nation the world has seen thus far, goes the way of empires of the past.

I wish the best for all of you and hope you have a great life. I hope you realize your dreams and that you never have to suffer in any manner. Please keep in mind that not everyone enjoys a life as good as yours.

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